Dr. Liam Cheung, CFA, ASA, Ph.D
Chairman and Portfolio Manager

Liam Cheung acts as Board member of MOGO (listed on TSX, NASDAQ), Executive Chairman of Moka Financial Technologies Inc., as wholly owned subsidiary of MOGO, and as Chairman of Tactex Asset Management Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Moka. Dr. Cheung has over 25 years of hands-on expertise in the financial services and technology sectors. He has held senior and executive positions relating to corporate strategy, technology and operations for brokerage and trading businesses throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Dr. Cheung was the founder of Tactico Inc., where he successfully managed a portfolio of investments including Fidelity Clearing Canada, Omega ATS, Pointus Trading, Verticlear and JitneyTrade. Prior to founding Tactico, Dr. Cheung was instrumental in successfully establishing new businesses, divisions or other strategic initiatives for several brokerage and trading technology companies, including an execution routing technology firm, a direct market access division for global equity, options, foreign exchange and fixed income trading, an automated algorithmic trading technologies division, a hedge fund infrastructure firm, and the implementation of a representative office in Asia. Dr. Cheung is an associate of the Society of Actuaries and holds the chartered financial analyst designation. He additionally holds a Ph.D in Economics from McGill University, as well as a M.Sc in Management from Boston University and a BMath from university of Waterloo.

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