At Tactex Asset Management we perform a crucial role assisting foreign investment managers to distribute their alternative funds in Canada.

Canadian investment regulations have changed over the last number of years similar to other investment jurisdictions around the globe. Under the current environment, foreign managers wishing to distribute their alternative funds in Canada need to make sure that they meet criteria in order to rely on a number of regulatory exemptions before they proceed.

Most foreign managers are not registered as dealers in their local jurisdiction. As such, they find the need to either register as a dealer in Canada or rely on the services of a Canadian dealer in the distribution of their funds. Tactex Asset Management is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in Ontario, Quebec, New-Brunswick, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador allowing it to distribute exempt securities including traditional hedge funds to Canadian accredited investors in those provinces.

To date we have entered into a number of agreements with foreign alternative managers to assist them in the distribution of their funds in Canada. We have gained invaluable experience in this market over the last few years.

Our service is efficient, effective and professional. Let us help you expand your distribution efforts in the Canadian marketplace.

  • Operating division since 2013
  • Currently 4 EMD representatives
  • Over $10 Billion in transactions
  • Over 30 agency distribution relationships with fund/managers and security issuers in place
  • Completed over 300 transactions

EMD Dealers

  • Todd Beallor, CFA
  • Dr. Liam Cheung, CFA
  • Philippe Leroux
  • Aubin Tcheussa’a Kenné

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