Most financial service firms will agree that a fee-based model aligns advisors incentives with clients incentives well. Yet for mid-size and small accounts, there is a lack of cost efficient ways to provide a managed portfolio to clients. While large accounts can continue to be managed on a separately managed account basis, the medium and smaller registered accounts, Tax Free Savings Accounts and other family accounts that accompany the high net worth accounts face very high costs to be deployed in a managed strategy. Turnkey Pooled Funds are a cost efficient way to provide the same high quality managed services provided to large accounts to your medium and small accounts. You design the portfolio strategy to meet your clients’ needs and buy the fund for your clients instead of individual securities saving time and money. As an Investment Fund Manager, Tactex can create your Turnkey Pooled Funds.

Tactex is a fully licensed Canadian Portfolio Manager and Investment Fund Manager with the capability to host your Turnkey pooled or mutual funds. Tactex will create, launch and continuously operate these portfolios for you so you can focus on investment management.

Tactex is more than just a fund administrator. Our team brings experience in the securities industry that spans over 50 years with expertise in the fields of brokerage and investment management. Together with our partners we provide a complete turnkey solution to bring new funds to market.

Many managers are left wondering how they can focus on what they do best, without having to spend so much time on the business itself. The often disparate skills of trading, business strategy, marketing, operations and regulatory compliance can overwhelm new and even experienced managers.


  • Operations

  • Compliance

  • Execution Support

  • Fund Administration

  • Technology and Systems

  • Custodian Relationships

  • Legal Support

  • Audit Support

  • Middle Office Support

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