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The Tactex F1 Private Equity Fund focuses on direct investments in cash flow positive small cap entities or start-up firms through a combination of debt, preferred shares, or common shares.

Tactex’ investment philosophy is governed by the belief that value can be created through direct involvement in management or through funding where cash-flow requirements can improve competitive positioning. Tactex intends to target a total of eight to twelve investments, which may include third party venture capital partners, and intends to provide close support to current management and may name representatives to the Board of Directors of the underlying portfolio companies.


Tactex Asset Management has rated this fund as a HIGH risk-return profile There is always some degree of uncertainty and investment risk in any investment portfolio, particularly as relates to the rate of return or growth that may be generated over any future period. For more information, please refer to the Term Sheet.

Low|Low to Medium|Medium|Medium to High|High|
High Risk-Return 100%

This Fund summary does not constitute investment advice and is for information purposes only. Information presented is subject to change and may not be updated. Investment decisions should be made with your portfolio manager based on individual circumstances and risk tolerance. Returns from this fund can be negative and may be adversely impacted by foreign exchange fluctuations. Returns may also be impacted by taxation and foreign withholding tax. For more detailed information please contact your tax advisor.

Fund Information

  • Inception date: February 13, 2013

  • Initial Raise: $10.675 Million

  • Type: Limited Partnership, Closed-end investment

  • Fund Year-End: December 31

  • NAVPS Frequency: Quarterly

  • Auditors: Mazars, Harel, Drouin

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