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The Fund’s objective is to exceed the performance of comparable funds by a few percentage points and be less sensitive to market downturns during major corrections. To do this, the fund will invest in three portfolio strategies made up of equities, but whose management philosophy will all rigorously follow the fundamental and technical economic trends, and whose goal will be to reduce share allocations when those trends are negative. The long positions in equities may be as low as 30% and 70% in income and/or alternative investments, which could play a compensatory role during strong market downturns. The Fund offers high added value in terms of the risk/return ratio compared to traditional balanced funds that are offered to Canadian investors.


The Fund consists of three sub-portfolios, each with its own distinct and complementary investment strategy. The foundation of these investment strategies is the fruit of several decades’ worth of university research and the experience acquired during a number of financial crises. The combination of these three strategies into one fund is the innovative aspect of this Fund’s risk management.

The Fund intends to achieve a long-term return of 6% to 12%.


Canadian and American dividend value
Global Macro
Global Growth


  1. Canadian and American dividend value is a conservative approach to systematic and quantitative selection of undervalued stocks and dividend repurchases in North America. The selection process is the value and trends.
  2. Global Macro is a positive absolute return during stock market crises, while maintaining long-term high performance. The selection process is based on technical and economic trends in the country.
  3. Global Growth at a high yield significantly higher than the US stock market. Affect investment companies that stand out for their radical innovation and change, and whose owners are often the founding entrepreneurs who led their companies to become leaders in their field. The selection process is based on the quality of management, the dominance of the company as a leader in their industry and trends of the stock price over the last 12 months.


Units are being sold under available exemptions from the prospectus requirements under National Instrument Prospectus and Registration Exemptions only to investors:

  • (a) who are “accredited investors” as defined in NI 45-106,
  • (b) who invest a minimum of $150,000 in the Fund, or
  • (c) to whom units may otherwise be sold.


Tactex Asset Management has rated this fund as a MEDIUM risk-return profile There is always some degree of uncertainty and investment risk in any investment portfolio, particularly as relates to the rate of return or growth that may be generated over any future period. For more information, please refer to the Offering Memorandum.

Low|Low to Medium|Medium|Medium to High|High|
High Risk-Return 60%


This Fund summary does not constitute investment advice and is for information purposes only. Information presented is subject to change and may not be updated. Investment decisions should be made with your portfolio manager based on individual circumstances and risk tolerance. Returns from this fund can be negative and may be adversely impacted by foreign exchange fluctuations. Returns may also be impacted by taxation and foreign withholding tax. For more detailed information please contact your tax advisor.

Fund Information

  • Investment Fund Manager and Investment Advisor: Majestic Asset Management LLC

  • Sub-Advisor: Tactex Asset Management

  • Senior Portfolio Manager: William André Nadeau

  • Fund Type: Mutual Fund Trust

  • Inception Date: June 2014

  • Custodian: Fidelity Clearing Canada

  • Trustee: Equity Financial Trust Company

  • RRSP Eligible: Yes

  • Minimum Investment: $25,000

  • Closed: No

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