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Our approach consists in building strategic, well diversified and low cost ETF portfolios that allow clients to gain exposure to a variety of asset classes without the burden of high MERs found in many actively managed mutual funds.

Following a comprehensive financial plan, the most appropriate ETF model is selected and customized to fit each individual client’s needs and circumstances, with a special emphasis on tax optimization and cash flow planning.

Extensive industry research points to the benefits of low cost indexing, proper cash flow planning and asset allocation selection. In contrast, most investors are not properly rewarded for taking individual company risk or timing the market. This makes indexing an appropriate core strategy for anyone looking to improve the risk/return profile of their portfolio.


This strategy summary does not constitute investment advice and is for information purposes only. Information presented is subject to change and may not be updated. Investment decisions should be made with your investment advisor based on individual circumstances and risk tolerance. Returns from this strategy can be negative and may be adversely impacted by foreign exchange fluctuations. Returns may also be impacted by taxation and foreign withholding tax. For more detailed information please contact your tax advisor.

Quick Facts

  • Focus on cash-flow planning

  • Broad diversification

  • Tax optimization

  • Portfolio of low-cost ETFs

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