Mohan Nair, CIM
Mohan Nair, CIMPortfolio Manager


Investment Structure:
Separately Managed Accounts

Minimum Investment:

Management Fee:

  • Non-Plan Accounts: 2% Management Fee and a 20% performance fee (subject to high water mark)
  • Plan Accounts: 1% Management Fee


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With a mission to increase clients’ net worth, we specialize in the identification of specific opportunities and trends within the North American marketplace and structure portfolios around these ideas. Our view is that exceptional returns are generated by investing in growth businesses rather than market timing or beta exposures. Additionally, we seek to reduce the effect of beta exposure and capture specific alpha as well, through a variety of short selling strategies.

The strategy provides enhanced long term capital appreciation while preserving wealth during adverse market conditions, while targeting average annual returns in the 10% to 15% range irrespective of broader market performance.

There’s also an absolute commitment to risk management as expressed in our proprietary Internal Risk Management System (“IRMS”). We are committed to providing you with active communication and transparency with regards to how your assets are being managed. And finally, we manage your money like it’s our money – as we have material personal investments in the strategy.



The investment strategy consists of three pillars – the core, hedge, and tactical books. In the core and hedge, we are seeking investment opportunities which have specific risks outside of the broader market.

At the core, we take a bottom up approach and identify solid businesses that display consistent revenue, earnings, and dividend growth over the long term. We hedge this exposure by shorting companies that have specific risks (businesses in terminal decline, slowing growth, etc.) in the hedge book.

Finally, we have the tactical book to take advantage of short term trading opportunities we see as keen observers and participants in the marketplace. These can include identifying names with attractive price momentum, risk arbitrage scenarios, and private placements.


IRMS is a proprietary model that minimizes the impact of losing positions and maximizes impact of winning positions in the strategy. IRMS is constantly scanning the macro environment and analyzing individual positions within the strategy on a daily basis to optimize position sizing for superior returns at a given level of risk.



Tactex Asset Management has rated this strategy as a MEDIUM TO HIGH risk-return profile. There is always some degree of uncertainty and investment risk in any investment portfolio, particularly as relates to the rate of return or growth that may be generated over any future period. For more information, please use the request for information form located on this page.

Low to Medium
Medium to High
Medium to High Risk-Return 80


This strategy summary does not constitute investment advice and is for information purposes only. The information presented is subject to change and may not be updated. Investment decisions should be made with your investment advisor based on individual circumstances and risk tolerance. Returns of this strategy can be negative and may be adversely impacted by foreign exchange fluctuations. Returns may also be impacted by taxation and foreign withholding tax. For more detailed information, please contact your tax advisor.